Gumdrop Massage

Our Mission:

To promote a fun, active lifestyle.

Anywhere, anytime, Gumdrop helps you reduce myofascial muscle pain--and look good doing it.


Here at Gumdrop we have a passion for creating simple, innovative products that fit your lifestyle. In a world where sitting is the new smoking and poor motor patterns are abundant, we want to help make you feel and perform your best.

The inspiration for Gumdrop began when Phoebe developed an excruciating knot along the side of her back. A wonderful athletic trainer quickly diagnosed the problem and gave Phoebe exercises involving rolling out the area around the trigger point, a fancy term for a knot, with a lacrosse ball.  In a day the pain was down to a manageable level, and within a few days, gone altogether. To Phoebe this seemed like magic but raised the question: “Can I design something specifically for this purpose that would work even better?”

Phoebe spent her last year of school researching sports injuries related to dysfunctional myofascia, an even fancier term for knot, and how to effectively release them. Based on her research, she began designing prototypes for self-myofascial release and testing them on her teammates and anyone else willing to be a guinea pig--aka Arjun.  After dozens of failed iterations, the Gumdrop form was born to provide a simple, portable, effective solution to knots in hard-to-reach places, like the back--and pretty much everywhere else!

Phoebe and Arjun met in college. Arjun developed an interest in business and finance while Phoebe was fascinated by human-centered design. Arjun spent his extracurricular time kicking butt at debate and Phoebe spent most of her free time playing ultimate frisbee. Generally opposite interests, but we are good friends.   

Once the design was perfected, we merged our complementary skillsets to launch Gumdrop and share this colorful tetrahedron with the world!

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