Gumdrop Massage

why choose gumdrop?


Gumdrop fits in the palm of your hand and can easily be carried in any bag, purse, or luggage -- or even in your large coat pockets.


Most massage products can look awkward or downright scary. Gumdrop shakes it up with five great colors you'll want to show off.


Gumdrop's unique shape allows you to use the surfaces around you. The wall, the back of your chair, or the floor are all viable options for helping you massage out those hard-to-reach knots.

Gumdrop How to Videos

Check out ways you can use your Gumdrop on different parts of your body. We are currently building up content so that you can get the best possible results. If there is an area you are curious about, please let us know on social media!

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Skyd Magazine Feature

"I asked Phoebe Evans (the mastermind) to send us a Gumdrop so we could field-test it with the ultimate athletes we work with at RenFitness, and also so that our Wizards (myself, Bert and Kira) could try it out – short answer is that we love it! Here are the particulars..."

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I've had concussion symptoms for the past year and a half and my neurologist said I needed to loosen up my shoulders and neck to stop the nerve pinching that was causing it. I tried everything but Gumdrop did it! Thank you so much. Kinda changed my life.

– Ultimate Frisbee Player

Highly recommend as this product is a game changer! I use the Gumdrop in the office to get all the knots out of my legs and back. Gumdrop goes deeper in the muscle than the traditional tennis ball for a greater muscle release. Plus, it is so easy to carry meeting to meeting all day.

– Marathon Runner

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